Who Am I?

My name is Ashley Marian, and I am the creator of Phases. My pronouns are she/he/they. Preferred they/them, but I use them all. I started Phases as a way to connect people to others going through similar things on the spectrum of mental health. In just the first few months it has turned into so much more. Not only are we making connections, but we are also finding local artists and entrepreneurs willing to be open and vulnerable in their own journeys of mental health and the creation of their works. Follow along as we weave through the web of life with stories, experiences, and connections.

About Me

What is Phases?

Phases represents the constant changing of chapters in life. Our journeys take us through ups and downs, and it's important to remember how valuable we are in this world. This brand reminds us to love ourselves through all phases of our lives. This is a safe space to share insight on the spectrum of mental health and everything it brings into our lives. We will share ideas, activities, and talk to others to share their stories too. Our goal with Phases is to reach as many people as we can and allow them to see that even in their darkest moments, you are not alone.

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These two blogs briefly tackle the five stages of grief as well as how each loss affected me differently.

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